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Great Futures Campaign

We have raised $80,000.00 of our $150,000.00  goal.

We're counting on YOU! 

Club parents, Troy and April, count on the Boys & Girls Club for after school and summer programming for their kids. 

"We were looking for a village. We can't be our children's everything. We have to count on the village and that's what we found here. When you support the Boys & Girls Club, you're making a lifetime investment. You are investing in children's futures in so many different ways. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, is going to impact a child's life for generations to come. You may never even meet that child, but that child is going to be a product of your investment."

Your support today allows us to meet the needs of the families, schools and kids who are counting on us.

Can we count on YOU to be a member of our village?